5 Male Grooming Habits To Adopt For A Healthier Skin

5 Male Grooming Habits To Adopt For A Healthier Skin

Worried about how you will look and feel when you turn 60? NO?? Well, then you should be! It is essential to establish a daily routine of skincare that can help you retain your dapper good looks. 

It all began with that mustache, isn't it? When those hair started growing all awkwardly out of your upper lip, and you had to learn how to shave. Some of you may have been taught by your father while some of you must have borrowed his razor and learned via trial and error.

However, did you know that for many men out there, shaving is the extent of their skincare routine. You spot and see those hair, and shave them off. And, even though shaving has always been one of the most widely practised about male grooming habits, it’s way far from being the only thing you need to do and take care of to properly look after your skin.

5 Male Grooming Habits for Healthier Skin

Further, to explore what's good for your skin and what's not, you don’t need a counter full of products or a time-consuming skin ritual. You can stack a handful of healthy habits onto your normal daily routine to get healthy, youthful skin. Start with the basics:

1. Wash your face.

Although this is one of the easy ones and you do it already, you might be washing your face all wrong. And, to top it off, maybe not even enough.

Skincare experts at Oh that! Natural share their expertise where you should wash your face using a natural facewash at least twice a day — when you wake up and again before bed. On the other hand, most men only do it in the shower in the morning, but not before hitting the sheets. Night time is the more important time out of the two to wash off all the sweat, dirt, oil, free radicals and dead skin that build up on your skin throughout the day.

And. as advised cleanse your face with a natural facial cleanser like face wash. Do not opt for a bar of soap. And, not your body wash. And, definitely not just water. Actual natural face wash - simple. If you find two-a-days dries out your skin, a few splashes of lukewarm water can replace your morning cleanse.

2. Hydrate Your Skin

Apart from washing, moisturizing and hydrating your skin is the best thing you can do for your skin. Use a facial moisturizer to hydrate your face after you wash or shave. Specifically, a natural moisturizer with retinol can be of great help in fighting wrinkles and the other signs of ageing.

Use a regular natural body lotion to moisturize from the neck down after you shower. However, at minimum, you should rehydrate your hands and feet. That's because hands account to being your most frequently washed body part and the likeliest to dry out. Similarly, feet lose a large number of skin cells from all the foot traffic and are prone to calluses. Thus, it becomes essential to moisturize your hands and feet at least twice a day, just like your face.

Lotions are only half the battle won. You still require to drink ample amount of water to restore the natural moisturizers to your skin from the inside. Further, we advise you to limit the number of alcoholic and caffeinated drinks that you usually consume for both dehydrate your skin.

3. Wear A Suitable Sunscreen.

The sun does a number on your skin. A lot of men might think that a little color makes them look healthier, but instead it’s the opposite. Even a slight tan means your skin is burnt — like a piece of toast. Burnt skin means dead skin cells. Too much sun also weathers your skin, leading to wrinkles, sun spots and a loss of elasticity.

Before you head outdoors, slap on some sunscreen to protect any uncovered parts of your body. Better yet, find a moisturizer rated SPF 15 or higher to kill two birds with one stone and keep your grooming time to a minimum. There’s no SPF in the clouds, so you should wear sunscreen whether it’s sunny or overcast.

4. Practice Good Shaving Habits.

Back to shaving, the latest multi-blade razors can work too well. They cut too close to the skin and pull at the hairs beneath the surface, causing razor burn and ingrown hairs. If this is a problem, downgrade the number of blades and up your shaving cream to one with a moisturizer.

Replace your razor regularly. Blades dull after five to seven shaves, making them less effective and harder on your skin. It’s best to shave in the shower or immediately after because it opens up your pores and softens your hair. Just don’t leave your razor in there. The moist environment can lead to bacteria and fungi, which can potentially infect your skin. Store your razor in a medicine cabinet instead.

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells that simply washing cannot. But don’t overdo it. Too much and you can do more harm than good, leading to damaged skin, redness and breakouts.

Exfoliate your skin two or three times a week with a gentle exfoliating sponge or a washcloth and a mild cream. The more sensitive your skin, the gentler method and chemicals you should use. Shaving helps to exfoliate your skin, but don’t rely on that alone. The rest of your face and body need it, too. Always follow up with a moisturizer because exfoliation is one more thing that can dry out your skin.

These five tips are great for starters, but every man’s skin is different. And there are countless products that claim to be the best solution. If you need help navigating what to do and what to use, visit Oh that! Natural for a custom skincare regimen.