Guide To The Perfect Skincare Routine On The Day Of New Year's Eve

Pre New Year's Eve Skincare Routine

With festivities and partying all around, New Year’s Eve can get a little wilder than you can imagine, isn’t it? Moreover, it’s that one night in a year where we all like to let go of ourselves and enjoy for a couple of hours. And, not to forget, it’s also that one night of those great expectations and the night when we all like to dress to impress. Plus, we won’t be wrong in saying that we simply like to look our best on the last day of the year. Meanwhile, this should include taking care of our skin, too. 

Besides catering to your skin’s needs all year long is very important because our skin remembers and reaps the benefits of our efforts if made in the right direction. Don’t forget that! However, this one occasion is truly special. This New Year’s Eve, it requires a bit special - that extra pre-skincare routine.

So, here is a full-to guide by Oh that! Natural for you to follow if you want to look your best this New Year’s Eve. Take a look:

New Year’s Eve Pre Skincare routine

Use A Natural Cleanser

Start your pre-New Year’s Eve skincare routine by cleansing your skin using natural skin care products - the one that you have been already using so that there is no new allergy you develop. Natural cleansers like our Vitamin C Glow Face Wash are meant to remove all the excess dirt and extra oil along with the leftovers of makeup from our skin. 

Make sure you find a nice refreshing cleanser that will be gentle on your skin. Additionally, it should remove all the grime and grind. This step is indeed a must-follow in a regular skincare routine as well. Further, it will also be useful and hydrating if we wish to thoroughly prepare your skin for the most awaited night of the year that involves all the glam and pop.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Once, we have cleansed our skin of all the dirt and ensured its cleanliness, we can think of jumping to step two which is exfoliating your lips.

Exfoliation is an important step for your lips. It cleanses and refreshes your lip skin. When exfoliating, we are removing the old and dead skin from the surface. The best way to exfoliate your lips is by using a lip scrub with natural ingredients such as walnut shells grit, strawberry, coffee, sugar, baking soda and so on. 

To assist you through, Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Scrub by Oh that! Natural is a good choice. It gets rid of the surface dead cells for the soft, smooth pout of your dreams. Not harsh, it gently removes your delicate lip skin helping you get rid of the dark, chapped, cracked, dry and damaged lip skin leaving it nourished and hydrated.

Exfoliation while good, can also be rough on our lips, that’s why it should be performed carefully and gently and no more than 3 times a week. Moreover, how often you exfoliate depends entirely on your lip skin type. If you aren’t sure you can always consult your dermatologist. 


This season, indulge and treat yourself. It is that perfect time of the year to detox your skin with nice natural face masks. These can firm and additionally clean your skin from toxins. Bonus - these masks help refresh and rejuvenate it as well.

Our recommendation is to use homemade recipes and make natural masks at home. You can find many different recipes that contain natural ingredients and that can help your skin glow once again.  

Hydrating And Moisturizing

After cleansing, exfoliating and getting rid of toxins from your skin, you will need to replenish it with water. And, hence, we should use creamy moisturizers. Providing instant nourishment and hydration to our skin is essential and it’s also important we use only the best skincare products for this purpose.   

Winter is the time that causes our skin to get especially dry and flaky. To minimise and combat these problems, we use moisturizers. They help keep our skin hydrated, healthy, youthful-looking and fights the signs of ageing. Additionally, moisturizing our skin regularly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. If you want to have a special glow this New Year’s Eve, make sure to moisturize regularly.

To conclude, do not forget to follow a post-new year skincare routine as well after having the best time of your life! Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2021 and may the last evening of 2020 be the best one. After all, all is well that ends well!