How To Build An Effective Skincare Routine

Developing a good skincare routine takes time and little examination. If you wanna see results on your skin by following a skincare routine you have to keep patience and wait for the products to work its magic. 

A good skin care routine involves the right choice of Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser but this is not where it ends the list goes on. Constantly changing markets of skincare can make it difficult for you to stick to one. 

The Perfect 4-Step Skincare Routine

You don't have one? Then oh That! Natural is here to give you a few tips to build an effective 4 step skincare routine. Whether you have oily, dry or normal skin type, following this 4 step routine will improve your skin with minimal efforts.


Every skin is different and choosing the right product is very important. Cleansers are used to remove dirt and oil contamination on your face. Also, Washing your face twice a day is required for good results. 

Different cleansers for different skin types:

  • If you have oily skin then go for a Salicylic gel or Benzoyl peroxide. 
  • For dry skin use a milky cleanser and if you have spots on your face then use a brightening face wash. 
  • An oily cleanser should be used for sensitive skin, it might not feel like cleansing but it actually is.

How to use a Cleanser the right way?

Damp your face with water and then foam the cleanser in your hand, now massage it on your face and let it sit for 30 secs to work. Later, rinse it with water.

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A toner is a must no matter what skin type you have. Earlier, toners were made from alcohol, they were good to remove oil and cleanse the face. However, now the concepts have evolved. The market is filled with different types for different problems.

Different types of toners:

  • Green tea and Rose Water toners are used to soothe skin and treat skin from irritation and sunburn.
  • Vitamin E & C toners are best for anti-ageing properties.
  • Alpha and beta hydroxy acids toners are used to remove dead skin.

How to use a Toner the right way?

After cleansing your face, take a small amount of toner in your palm and pat it on your face. Let it dry and then you are good to go.


Providing moisture to your skin is the key function of a moisturiser. Moisturisers should always be used in every season but you can choose the perfect one for your skin type.

It is wisely said by someone that you should moisturise your face twice a day to see better results.

Different types of moisturisers:

  •  If you have oily skin then use gel-based moisturiser as it will be light on your face.
  • Combination and normal skin should go for lotion-based moisturiser as it will be neither light nor heavy.
  • For dry skin, It is best to go with a cream-based one.

How to apply a moisturiser?

After toner, take a big drop of moisturiser and massage it on your face in an upward motion.


“Never say no to a good sunscreen”. Application of sunscreen should be done every day. Sunscreen not only protects you from sun damage but also stands as a shield against pollution. 

Different types of sunscreen:

  • Again if you have dry skin or normal skin go for cream-based with good Spf.
  • If you have oily skin then go for light-weight gel-based.

How to apply sunscreen?

Make sure you choose the one with good Spf. Always try to apply it 30 mins prior going out and re-apply it every 2-3 hours.