How To Stop Hairfall Naturally

It’s all about the 'mane attraction' these days, after all, who does not want to learn how to stop hair fall naturally! Often referred to as ‘crowning glory,' our hair strands undoubtedly reflect an individual’s persona and style quotient. And, no matter what gender or age you are at, excessive hair loss can become a troublesome issue, often leading you to worry, fret and altered self-esteem. On the other hand, however, if and when diagnosed correctly, you can learn how to control and prevent hair fall via practising certain homemade natural remedies that condition and efficiently save your beautiful locks.

What Causes Hair Loss

How to stop hair fall naturally

Before we jump on to studying various organic cures to hair loss, it is essential to understand what causes this chronic hair concern. Listed below are a few reasons that result in severe hair fall:

  1. Nutritional deficiencies

If the meals and diets you consume throughout the day lack essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as proteins, iron, copper and zinc, then hair fall is a sure shot guarantee. For that matter, even the deficiency of Vitamin D is another such cause for losing out on your precious locks. And, to avoid it, ensure you get out and soak in the early morning sun.

  1. Imbalance In Hormones

One may experience hormonal imbalance after a certain age which can lead to extensive hair loss. 

  1. Increased Stress Levels

Extreme levels of stress can result in sudden hair loss which could extend up to several months or even years altogether. Thus, to act on this issue, minimizing and reducing stress through physical exercise, meditation, yoga and healing massages holds importance. Doing so will prevent and cure hair loss.

  1. Extensive Use Of Hairstyling Products

Chemically treated and over-treated hair can cause hair fall owing to the presence of highly toxic chemicals in dyes and other styling, hair products. Similarly, with due respect to other brands, almost all shampoos contain Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which impacts your immune system negatively. Moreover, this chemical has been scientifically proven to deteriorate hair follicles and discourage new hair growth. 

To avoid landing yourself in such a zone, we recommend you stick to natural shampoos and dyes. For instance, Hair Pro Conditioning Shampoo that not only reduces hair fall but also promotes new hair growth and stimulates the hair follicles. Adding to this, it also helps restores the lost moisture, hydration and shine to your hair strands. All in all, a must-have hair care product to your routine.

  1. Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions like thyroid, PCOS, Androgenetic alopecia, ageing, genetics and others result in considerable hair fall. To manage the loss of hair caused by these should be dealt with, with the help of proper guidance from your dermatologist.

How To Control Hair Fall

Please find listed below a few normal lifestyle hacks that  can help control loss of hair:

How To Stop Hairfall Naturally

  1. Use A Natural Shampoo

Choosing the right natural shampoo following understanding your scalp and hair type should be a priority. Plus, you also need to focus on how to wash your hair based on your scalp. For example, if you are over-washing your hair when you have a dry scalp, then this can lead to severe hair fall. Or on the other hand, not washing your oily hair strands twice to thrice a week, can result in the same.

Other than this, it is required to keep in check that the shampoo you plan to use is not filled with heaps of chemicals including sulfate, paraben, silicone, SLS and SLE. Because otherwise, this can harm your tresses by making them brittle and prone to breakage.

  1. Choose A Natural Conditioner

A good natural conditioner is capable of working wonders for your locks. Every conditioner comprises amino acids that help in repairing dull and damaged hair. Additionally, it smoothens your hair, making them soft and shiny.

Oh that! Natural Pro Tip: Even better, use a conditioning shampoo such as Hair Pro that is packed with the natural goodness of both shampoo and conditioner in a single bottle. It consists of organic ingredients like fenugreek seeds extract and rice protein among others.

  1. Nutritionally Rich Diet and Physical Exercise

Feeding your hair all the required nutrients in the correct quantity particularly plenty of protein, iron and vitamins has now very much become a necessity rather than an optional vendetta. However, eating a balanced diet is not the only factor that can contribute to your hair health. Make sure to exercise side by side, as well. Other factors to keep in check include Yoga and meditation that effectively reduce hair fall.

  1. Avoid Chemical Treatments

If you have made your hair undergo rigorous or frequent hair treatments like straightening, perming or even colouring, then you must be aware that these are not kind to your hair. Further, avoid using other sources of heat such as hair dryers, curlers or curling rods, specifically on wet hair. If you may ask why? Then the answer to it is because they make your hair brittle and breakable.

However, if you need to use a blow dry, then make sure to set it in the lowest heat.

  1. Switch To Oiling

Another trick to keep your hair healthy and beautiful is oiling. To elaborate, it promotes blood circulation and intensively nourishes the roots of your tresses. To reap the benefits up to the maximum, please ensure to gently massage your strands at least once a week with oil that suits your hair and scalp. After that, cover your oiled hair with a shower cap. Lastly, wash your hair off with a natural shampoo after two hours of application.

  1. Refrain From Using Too Many Styling Products

If you have been using quite a lot of chemical-based products on your hair, you may witness hair fall in the long run. Not to worry! The best thing to do is to give them a break and practise some natural homemade recipes to take care of them.

Natural Haircare Remedies To Treat Hair Loss

  1. Egg Mask

You may be aware of the fact that eggs are rich sources of sulphur, phosphorous, selenium, iodine, zinc and protein, which when come together, help boost healthy hair growth.

Oh that! Natural's Recipe:

Step 1: All you have to do is separate and keep one egg white in a bowl.

Step 2: Next, take a teaspoon each of olive oil and honey, and add to the egg white in the bowl.

Step 3: After that, beat the mixture to turn it into a consistent paste. Further, apply this hair mask to your hair beginning from root to tips.

Step 4: After a period of 20 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

  1. Coconut Milk

If you talk about a coconut, the protein and essential fats it contains, promotes nourished hair growth and thereby, prevent hair fall.'

How To Stop Hairfall Naturally

Oh that! Natural's Recipe:

Step 1: Take a medium-sized coconut and grate it. Then, simmer it in a pan for around five minutes.

Step 2: Strain the simmered coconut and cool the milk.

Step 3: After that, add one tablespoon of crushed black pepper as well as fenugreek seeds to the milk.

Step 4: Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair.

Step 5: Post leaving it on for 20 minutes, rinse it with a natural shampoo.

Alternatively, as suggested earlier, you can try the best shampoo for hair fall - our Hair Pro Conditioning Shampoo. Not only does it save you enough time, but also minimizes hair fall, dandruff, brittleness, split ends, greying, frizziness and more. It further restores lost hair health and shine. Hope this article helps you understand the process of hair loss in detail and the necessary remedial hair care required to cure and prevent the same.