How To Remove Blackness From Private Parts At Home

Remove blackness from private parts 

Often people get conscious about blackness on their private parts. Usually, people ignore it. However, at some point in life, it becomes a concern for everyone. While we get fascinated with bikini models flaunting their bodies gracefully, we feel under confident about dealing with it. If you are undergoing this dilemma, we are sure you would want to learn how to remove blackness from private parts at home.

However, most of us believe that talking about a concern like this will embarrass us in front of others. Whereas, if we break it to you that it is normal, then trust us for it is in reality. We all face this dilemma some or the other time in life. So, how to get rid of this pseudo embarrassment? As we all know, there are a lot of lightening creams available in the market but applying something full of chemicals will react differently to our private parts. And trust us, no one would want to develop an infection or rashes on such sensitive parts. Don’t you worry, be it your pelvic area or inner thighs, we will give you some golden tricks to remove blackness from private parts at home.

What Causes Blackness On Private Parts?

The reasons for blackness on private parts can be a result of many reasons and it is important to identify and know about these first. So, in a later course of action, we can prevent them from occurring.


We all are aware that any movement or activity we perform causes friction. For instance, walking, running and gyming etc result in unwanted friction that causes darkness in your private parts. Most of us wear the wrong size of clothes and ignore comfort which ideally should be a priority. On the other hand, we prefer tight fitted clothes over them. Tight fitted pants, undergarments and clothing cause excessive friction and these frictions are related to everyday activities. However, the extra rubbing between legs can lead to the blackening of private parts as well.

Hormonal Changes

Yes, you are right! Hormonal changes are also a common cause for darkening in and around intimate areas of our bodies. As per extensive research conducted about women recently, when women reach the time of puberty the estrogen levels increase and due to which intimate areas turn black.  On the contrary, when women reach the age of 40s-50s the estrogen levels reduce which leads to menopause.


Well as humans go through the ageing process the elasticity of the intimate areas changes and that can also lead to darkness in intimate areas. Also, it can be on other parts of the body too.

Excessive moisture

Sweat and moisture in the intimate parts are very common. Due to the extra moisture, it is very common to have darkness around the intimate area.

While these are some common factors leading to blackness on one’s private parts but somehow there are few more reasons like vaginal and penile infection and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in women. These common infections are experienced by 70% of the people and it is normal to experience them. 

Homemade Hacks To Remove Blackness From Private Parts

Coconut Oil and Honey

Coconut Oil And Honey To Remove Blackness From Private Parts

Coconut oil and honey work well to get rid of blackness. All you have to do is mix both the ingredients and heat the paste for 30 seconds in the microwave. Next, apply the mix on the concerned private part. Keep it on for 15mins and then clean it with rose water.  


Yoghurt To Remove Blackness From Private Parts

Simply applying yoghurt alone can lighten your intimate parts. It is also great to treat rashes and irritated skin. Just apply the plain yoghurt and let it sit there for 15 minutes. Wash it off with clean water. Applying yoghurt twice or thrice a week will lighten the private area. 

Gram Flour

 Remove Blackness From Private Parts

Make a thick paste of gram flour and water. Apply the paste on the affected area till it gets dry. Make sure to clean it later with lukewarm water. Use it twice or thrice a week for visible changes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera To Remove Blackness From Private Parts

Aloe vera is enriched with minerals and vitamins that lighten the skin by promoting collagen. Increased collagen production reduces the blackness from private areas. Apply a thick layer of aloe vera on the intimate area for 20 to 30 minutes.

Orange Juice and Turmeric

Orange Juice And Turmeric To Remove Blackness From Private Parts

Orange juice is a natural bleach like a lemon that lightens the skin. And, as we all know, we use turmeric in all homemade skincare recipes. Mix a pinch of turmeric with three parts of orange juice and apply it to the area.

Rosewater and Sandalwood

Rosewater And Sandalwood To Remove Blackness From Private Parts

Sandalwood is great to treat discolouration on the skin and rose water has moisturizing properties. Mix both the ingredients and apply the pack to the intimate area. After the pack gets dry, clean it with lukewarm water. Apply this pack once a week to get rid of blackness from private parts.


Potatoes To Remove Blackness From Private Parts

Potatoes are known for their lightening properties. Take a potato and cut a slice, ensure to make a few small cuts on the slice of potato and then massage it on your private part in circular motions for a minute. Leave it on for another 2 minutes and after that, wash it off.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice To Remove Blackness From Private Parts

Cucumbers are also great to moisturize and lighten the dark skin in our intimate areas. It is rich in Vitamin A that reduces melanin production which controls the darkness. Take a cucumber and grate it to form juice in a bowl. Apply the juice to the pubic area and let it sit for 15 minutes. After that, clean it with water.

Points To Keep In Mind To Prevent Blackness In Private Parts

  • Make sure to take a bath at least once a day. 
  • If you can avoid shaving and waxing on your intimate parts then it will prevent darkness in your intimate areas.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes that cause extra friction around the intimate area.
  • Make sure to change your clothes after gyming, walking and running.
  • Lastly, try not to wash your intimate area with soap or body wash. Just clean it with normal clean water. 

Make sure to keep these pointers in mind because precaution is always better than cure. Plus, if you are looking for a cure, then you have home remedies to remove blackness from private parts. Lastly, keep in mind that blackness around intimate areas is normal. So, don’t worry much about it.