How To Transform Your Skincare Routine With Non-Toxic Products

Let's admit that we folks haven't gotten used to the whole natural, clean and conscious skincare thing. The question that arises here is how to transform your skincare routine with non-toxic products. In the same direction, the irony is that every other aspect of our lives is green including organic food consumption, non-toxic cleaning products, etc. 

All things said we are well aware of the fact that dozens of dangerous chemicals come along with your favourite beauty and skincare product choices. Isn't that a good enough reason to transform your skincare routine with non-toxic products? Well, we think it surely is. To make you understand good reasons for organic beauty and skincare products we have listed a few, below:

No Allergies Or Other Reactions


While many people are allergic to chemicals mostly found in chemical-based beauty and skincare products, organic skincare products work perfectly well with one's skin without acting against it. Unlike non-organic products, natural products do not cause redness, irritation or breakouts.


Traditionally produced beauty and skincare products contain toxic ingredients that negatively impact the environment. The reason behind this is those heavy chemicals that get emitted into the air and water while they get manufactured. However, on the other hand, organic products release fewer chemicals making them eco-friendly.

Free Of Parabens, Cruelty, Sulfates & SLS/SLE

Did you know the above-mentioned chemicals were always used in conventional beauty products as preservatives, that we have been using to date? And, why? To increase the shelf life of these products. Not only are these chemicals synthetic, but also tamper with one's body's natural hormones in addition to altering the function of the endocrine system. Whereas organic products use natural preservatives that do not cause any harm.

Winter Favourites

Our skin and hair require extra care and love during winters. Natural skincare products infused with the goodness of organic ingredients in their purest forms like aloe vera, neem, lavender, almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil and many more such elements, are great for the skin and hair. For instance, Eyeluxe Under Eye Gel For Dark Circles And Puffiness by Oh that! Natural is enriched with lavender, aloe vera and cucumber extracts that work wonders on your under-eye skin.

Similarly for hair, including Hair Pro Conditioning Shampoo with rice water is a must. It not only minimizes hair fall and removes dandruff but also prevents greying of hair. It also restores the lost shine and volume of your hair.

Smell Natural As Well

Artificial fragrances present in chemical-based products often mask the pungent odour of the chemicals. But, unlike such products, organic products smell natural due to the herbal, Ayurvedic and plant-based ingredients used. Some organic products with natural essential oils and extracts even provide you with a dose of aromatherapy.

Transitioning To Natural Skincare Routine

Moving forward, the transition to an organic skincare routine is very much a lifestyle choice and requires a slow and steady switch. It is in fact, as important and personal as going vegan or dying your hair blonde. And, thus, we have listed 6 essential things that you need to know before you kickstart this process:

Read The Labels Carefully


If you have decided to turn to a green skincare routine, what we often call a natural skincare routine, you're going to need to adapt to the unfamiliar new habit of turning a bottle or package around and reading what goes into the making of the product from top to bottom. Even if there is a list of those that appear as jumbled up, unpronounceable words, you have to go through it for it means something. 

When you visit the store, you should turn the product over and examine the ingredients. and, figure out if you are allergic to any. Similarly, you need to view the products on online portals as well before you buy any. Companies claim all the time that they use active naturals, but, there is a lot of green-washing out there. The label may lie, however, the ingredients don't.

Learn What's What And What's Not

If you're picking natural products without parabens, identify anything that ends in the suffix (-paraben), which you shall be able to spot at the end of the ingredient list. In the same way, sulfates are also clearly identifiable. On the other hand, phthalates cannot be pointed out that easily— they're usually included in the ingredient simply listed as "fragrance" ( instead look out for fragrance-free products or products like those by Oh that! Natural using only naturally-derived fragrances.) 

You may across some shortcuts, too: Type the product name on — we list what the product is formulated without tampering with the information.

Don't Assume 

This can become the biggest mistake. Do not assume! Products do require preservatives to stay fresh and hence, the long shelf life. And, therefore, you should take the necessary amount of time to familiarize yourself with the ingredients present in all the products you employ on your skin every day. Also, remember, just because a product contains something that is called Tea Tree Oil, doesn't necessarily mean that it is the only ingredient that lies within the product. Read the fine blueprint of your most beloved skincare products. 

Further, always study the organic skincare product ingredients you intend to buy as well. You should always know what you are applying to your skin. And, do not, 'not buy' a natural product with a short shelf life. Since there are next to zero chemicals used in their formulations, they have a shorter expiry date. 

Shop Smart And Sorted

You need to showcase your smarter side when it comes to finding exceptionally good, quality natural products. Indeed, they are hard to find and can be super expensive to you once you do. However, the process of finding them becomes easy once you get to know where to look. There exist offline and online stores that offer some great natural beauty and skincare brands, and that too, at affordable price points. 

Also, if you feel you are wasting your time at offline stores, the best place to look for natural skin care brands for men and women along with pocket-friendly deals is online. There exists one such natural brand, Oh that! Natural which is sure to meet certain criteria (whether in ingredients, sustainability, or packaging). The best natural skincare brand celebrated all across the globe for its cruelty-free, organic, eco-friendly and all-natural products. You name the concern and the brand has an Ayurvedic skincare solution to it. For instance, you can try Fresh Glow Vitamin C Face Wash - the best vitamin C face wash in India, or the best organic under eye gel for all - Eyeluxe. 

Test, Test Again, And Test

Well, this is one step you all must stick to following. You shall agree that the best part about going natural still stands as trying all the new stuff formulated naturally and assembled within the product. You shall find a wide variety of natural skincare brands to go through once you start looking for them — Oh that! Natural, Tata Harper, etc just to name a few. 

Always read a ton of reviews online before you commit to any clean skincare product, and find your favourite one through a bit of trial and error. Further to this, if you order a product online, make sure to do a patch test on your inner elbow and observe if you suffer from any allergic reactions or more. And, what suits you may not suit your friend and that's exactly why they say that following a natural skincare routine is personal.

To conclude, we hope you find the information discussed above relevant to follow and process. Love your skin and it will love you back. Apart from these tips, you must also consume a balanced diet and an ample amount of water to maintain healthy and nourished skin.