How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally

It's okay to hate the fact that when you find everything about your look up to the mark but those nasty dark circles and persistent puffiness beneath your eyes. Also, don't worry, most of us have been there and undergone the same at some point in life. Lend your ears and hear us out - most beautiful women and handsome men often have to employ concealers and makeup to hide their dark circles. Moreover, these do not only make one appear older than your actual age but also unhealthy and ill.

And, what's not okay is to not work towards how to remove dark circles naturally. Further, dark circles and under-eye puffiness are the most common under eye concerns that usually don’t imply a serious health concern. However, they do make you stress. If you are also wrestling with this concern, let us begin our natural skincare journey. Primarily a natural under eye gel should be a part of your rescue journey.

Additionally, before we jump on to discussing some home remedies, let us be honest about the fact that fixing dark circles is not easy. It requires efforts through a disciplined health care routine as well. The one that includes a healthy diet full of seasonal fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, dals and much more.

We won't deny that you may find this kind of commitment a little taxing, but you know you shall make the maximum of it, sooner or later. It needs to be understood and accepted gracefully that natural remedies will help you get rid of dark circles by religiously following what's the best for you.

Common Causes of Dark Circles

Let's get back to the basics by understanding the causes of dark circles.

  1. Lack Of Sleep & Insomnia - For the night birds and the owls who work till late in the night, or party hard, smoke and drink, the stubborn dark circles are a given to appear. Why not balance your lifestyle and entitle yourselves to proper sleep and rest? Yes, you heard it right. So, practise these habits.

  1. Dehydration And Less Water Intake – It is essential to flush out the harmful toxins from your body constantly, however it is also important to hydrate yourself simultaneously. You can begin with drinking a minimum of 10-12 glasses of water daily.

  1. Fluctuating Haemoglobin Levels - You need to keep a regular check on internal problems such as your low or fluctuating haemoglobin levels. If and when required, book a consultation with your doctor to figure out if any internal weakness remains to cure which you may require vitamin and protein supplements. However, you can also substitute these with a protein-rich, and rightfully balanced diet.

  1. Genetics - Many times, there may be chances that you inherit your dark circles from your 

parents and not due to the nutritional values you consume as a part of your diet. In such a scenario, you can’t get rid of them completely. But, once you work on them properly, you will surely be able to reduce their appearance to a great extent.

  1. Stress - Several people who are extremely stressed out are also prone to sleep issues. They are most likely to suffer from disturbed or interrupted sleep patterns or overthinking that does not let them sleep. Such people often wake up irritated in the morning.

  1. Lack Of Proper Nutrition - Food that we classify as junk and preservative-heavy, or minus the fresh salads and juices, and adequate nutrient food in your diet will also lead the skin to look sagging and cause you dark circles.

  1. Prolonged Disease Or Illness - If you are recovering from a long-term disease or illness, dark circles are likely to appear due to internal weakness or sensitivity.

  1. Long Screen Hours - Do you spend long hours right in front of the computer, tv, laptop or cellphone screens, it can be straining for the eyes and can cause immense stress and dark circles. All you have to do is cup your beautiful eyes in your palms after every hour and relax your eye muscles this way. This practice shall improve the blood circulation beneath your eyes.

Natural Remedies To Cure Dark Circles

After browsing through the probable causes, let's gain some understanding of how do we combat them naturally through organic skincare remedies. To ease out the process, you can also follow the following skincare tips listed below that shall help reduce those panda eyes that you are always freaking about, in literally, no time at all:

  1. Coconut And Almond Oil Massage

To get rid of dark circles, mix equal amounts of coconut oil and almond oil. Next, gently massage in a circular motion around the eyes. After that, leave it on for about an hour. This remedy should be practised daily.

How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally

Moreover, you can also make the above-discussed natural under eye mask that reduces the appearance of dark circles if and when used regularly. We recommend that you make this organic mask and store it in the refrigerator. It will become convenient for you to take out and use. Plus, it will last up to 1 week without going bad. 

  1. Fresh Coconut, Lemon Juice And Cucumber

Mix ground fresh coconut, a few drops of lemon juice, 2 tsp grated cucumber, 1 tsp fresh cream and 3 tsp china clay, together and keep in the refrigerator. Next, cover your eyes with cotton swaps or gauge and apply this pack over them. Make sure that the pack does not leak into your eyes. Now, just lie down on your bed in a cool place and unwind. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes before gently rinsing it off with milk and thereafter, water.

  1. Tomato

An eye toner with tomatoes makes for a superb exfoliating agent. It is a fan-favourite when we talk about natural beauty and skincare regimes. All you have to do is combine lemon juice and fresh tomato juice. Then, massage the under-eye area with this toner daily. Before you wash it off with coconut water, leave the toner on for about 20 minutes.

  1. Grated Potato

Use grated raw potato or otherwise, cold slices of raw potatoes to lighten your dark circles. This is one vegetable that has proven as an effective skincare remedy time and again for the under-eye area. Additionally, it ensures positive results in reducing dark circles. Why don’t you try it yourself and experience the results. Do share with us how it works for you. 

Best Natural Under Eye Gel For Dark Circles

There is no denying the importance of a balanced diet and skincare remedies designed to help get rid of dark circles. However, the role of the best natural under eye gel for men and women such as Eyeluxe Under Eye Gel is equally integral. Made up of natural ingredients of French lavender, cucumber and aloe vera extracts blended with almond oil and tulsi oil, this under-eye gel for dark circles is a must-have in your skincare routine.


Not only does it remove dark circles naturally, but also cures under-eye concerns like puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin. It regulates the blood circulation beneath the skin while boosting collagen production. Also, maintains the under-eye skin’s elasticity by firming the skin.

You can apply it daily, twice a day. Once in the morning before you leave for work and once in the night before you go to sleep should work wonders to cure dark circles among other concerns. Take a little amount of the under-eye gel for all, apply it in dots from the inner corner of the under-eye area to the outer. Dab it gently. Leave it untouched and let it absorb naturally. Greet your bright under-eye skin in 4 weeks. 

To conclude, we hope the remedies discussed above have helped you learn how to remove dark circles naturally. Write to us for any queries and we shall provide you with relevant information.