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Face Care

Don't have time to pursue intensive skincare for your face? Well, you can still treat yourself to some naturally good pampering by acing the basics. A decent skincare routine and healthy lifestyle choices can help you take care of your face. Also, you could delay natural ageing and moreover, prevent various skin problems that might bother you. 

And, we at Oh that! Natural recognise the fact that all men and women dream of flawless, glowing skin. Hence, we bring to you natural, organic products like face wash, under-eye gel and lip scrub among the others to help you make your dreams come true. 

With so many products hitting the shelves every now and then, it's not always easy to figure out the skincare routine that's going to work best for you. And, therefore, we assist you through the same by offering 24x7 skincare expertise and help you understand your skin better. While you know the basics β€” drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and wash your face, but what you are unaware about is everything in between? 

Fret not! Our dermatologists and top beauty experts have put together some of the best natural ingredients and come up with best face skincare solutions that are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. From choosing the right face wash for your skin type to the importance of using a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells, these easy tricks β€” plus some top-tested product picks will help guide you to the glowing face skin.


What should be skin care routine for men?

Men need skincare as much as women do. If you're a man who is looking to follow a simple skincare routine, here are six simple steps:

Step 1: Cleanse your face regularly with and organic face wash like Vitamin C Glow Face Wash by Oh that! Natural.
Step 2: Exfoliate your face with a natural face scrub like Coffee & Walnut Face And Body Scrub Grit. You can use it with any of your skincare products like face wash or moisturizer and convert it into a scrub.
Step 3: Apply an easily absorbable serum to replenish your skin's nutrients.
Step 4: Hydrate your skin with a moisturizer.
Step 5: Conceal pre-existing acne (active pimples.)
Step 6: Prevent skin from ageing by avoiding too much consumption of sugar or tobacco. Also, maintain a healthy diet and drink a lot of water.

How to keep face healthy for men?

This is how men can keep their face healthy - follow these tips listed below:

Just Like women, the CTM routine (cleansing, toning and moisturising) is essential for men, too.
Another aspect men tend to overlook is the application of sunscreen. You should apply a sunscreen with an SPF 30, at least.
For men, exfoliation is quite crucial to get rid of dead skin cells and prevent them from causing tan and bacterial infection on your skin.
Your lips need attention too. They also tan, become dry and chapped. A good lip scrub to exfoliate an lip balm to hydrate and moisturize are required.
If you have a beard and are trying to make a style statement, make sure to keep it clean. Maintain basic hygiene measures like washing it with a face wash or a shampoo to avoid itchiness.

Do men need a skin routine?

Skin care isn't gender-biased so it definitely is not just meant for women. Men need skincare too. From preventing excess oil secretion while balancing the pH level of the skin is essentially very important for men as well. And, thus, it is required that men take care of their skin as well. And, that can happen only by establishing a suitable skincare routine in addition to regulating the diet and water consumption. The routine should focus on proper cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing.

Do men need toner?

Toning is an important skincare product and toners are an integral skincare product that helps in purifying your skin, giving it a shinier and glossier look. Men need toners too. It helps them hydrate and fight open pores.

Why do men use toner?

Men use toners for various reasons. For one, a toner is said to remove the left over traces of dirt, dust particles, and impurities stuck in your skin pores after you wash your face. When it becomes a part of your daily skincare routine and is applied regularly, it can have positive results on regulating the appearance and tightness of your pores.

Should I use a toner in the morning?

Yes, it is advised to apply toner once in the morning and the second time at night. When you use it in the morning, the toner helps you remove any excessive oil or sebum produced while you sleep during the night and balances your skin's pH levels. If your skin is too dry, you should begin to use it only once a day and that too at night.