Ready, Set, Glow Trio - Face Wash, Lip Scrub & Grit

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Fresh Glow Vit. C Face Wash + Face & Body Scrub Grit + Strawberry Lip Scrub

The Ready-Set-Glow Trio is a comprehensive daily 3-step routine that creates a clear complexion and a healthy glow at home without stripping off the natural oils of your skin!

Oh that! Natural brings to you our most loved clean-up facial at home combo to help you achieve flawless, radiant skin, free of dead skin cells, flakiness and dirt.



Gentle Cleansing Through Fresh Glow Vitamin C Face Wash


Face cleaning is as essential as doing so with your body. To have bright, glowing skin, you may want to wash your face thoroughly with our Fresh Glow Vitamin C Face Wash  for all that provides an instant boost of freshness to your facial skin apart from slowing down natural signs of ageing among other concerns. Also, use it twice a day as a normal face wash. Avoid splashing your face with hot water after you use it since it dries out the skin. Pat your face and neck dry thereafter. Follow it by applying a moisturizer.


Deep Cleansing With Coffee & Walnut Face And Body Scrub Grit

To drive away, the suntan and dead skin cells, it is necessary for you to use a facial scrub at least 2-3 times a week! While many of you have been using a face wash, face scrub and body scrub separately, we have something beyond owing multiple skincare products for you. Yes, you heard it right! With our Coffee & Walnut Face And Body Scrub Grit for all, you can convert any of your favourite skincare products into a scrub. For instance, your face wash, body wash, moisturizer, and the list goes on and on. After you mix the scrub grit with your chosen product, use it as a regular scrub for a minute and wash it off with clean water. An exfoliator, scrub, and tan, dead skin cells and dirt remover - all in one booster indeed!


Strawberry Lip Scrub For Dry, Dark And Chapped Lips

When we talk about our face, our lips happen to be the most prominent part that one notices. Even if that 'one' is you yourself! While face care is a must-do, lip-care is as well! And, to assist you with your dry, chapped, dark and tanned lips, we introduce you to Strawberry Lip Scrub for all. Celebrated by many, this bestselling lip scrub exfoliates your lips helping you get rid of pigmented dark spots on your lips. If you're a chain smoker, this will surely help! Scrub your lips to make them soft, smooth and plump by using it 2-3 times a week. If you're not a lip scrubber, try using it once a week. Restoring your natural lip colour by birth is what we intend to help you with this best lip scrub for men and women.


Enjoy your stay-at-home face cleaning skincare spa with Oh that! Natural! Buy it now!