Combo Pack (Fresh Glow Vit. C Face Wash + Coffee & Walnut Body Scrub Grit)

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Fresh Glow Vit. C Face Wash + Face & Body Scrub Grit

What better than a cleansing combo pack that offers a natural face wash, and face and body scrub - Fresh Glow Vitamin C Face Wash And Coffee & Walnut Face And Body Scrub Grit? A perfect cleansing face care combo by Oh that! Natural to provide you with much-desired radiant glowing skin, indeed!

Gentle Cleansing Through Fresh Glow Vitamin C Face Wash

Enriched with Vitamin C, aloe vera and neem extracts, and glycerine, Fresh Glow Vitamin C Face Wash not only gently cleanses your face skin but also helps get rid of the stubborn tan, dirt, dust, environmental stressors and pollutants. Further, it also fights against signs of ageing like pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots, dark circles, acne, acne scars, marks, fine lines and wrinkles.


You are in for a blast of freshness with this refreshing face wash filled with the goodness of Vitamin C. Also, suitable for all skin types, it provides a youthful glow to your skin. Apply it like a normal face wash. Take a little amount and gently massage it on your face for 30 seconds in circular motions. Nest, rinse it with clean tap water. We recommend you to use it at least twice a day - once in the morning and the other before you go to sleep at night.

Deep Cleansing With Coffee & Walnut Face And Body Scrub Grit

To assist you in the process of achieving healthy, nourished skin, our Coffee & Walnut Face And Body Scrub Grit also plays an integral role. While it essentially exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells and tan. While it serves as a mild exfoliator, it also cleanses your skin of the deep-rooted dirt, dust and other impurities - the ones that are often overlooked by other scrubs.

This natural scrub grit can be mixed in any kind of your favorite skincare product and converted into a scrub. By gently massaging it evenly on your face and body for 1-2 minutes, you are sure to achieve glowing skin. Wash it off with normal water. Also, it unclogs skin pores and helps other skincare products penetrate your skin better. We recommend you use it 2 to 3 times a week. If your skin is super dry or sensitive, apply it only once a week.

Both these skincare products by Oh that! Natural, are crafted using organic ingredients sourced from the lush green fields of India. As a brand, we aim to guide you through recognising your skin, taking care of it and achieving the desired state.