Happy Feet Foot Cream

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Your feet are as important as your facial skin and should not get neglected in the long run. After all, they do a lot and deserve some care too! The easy addition you can make is of Oh that! Natural Happy Feet Foot Cream. The good news is that it cures all your foot concerns - cracked, sweaty and smelly feet - amongst others.

What Makes It The Best Moisturizing Foot Cream?

It owes its extra buttery and richness to the presence of natural, clean, and herbal extracts such as banana extract, mango butter, shea butter, kokum butter and almond oil. The foot cream ensures soft, smooth and fresh feet at all hours. Further to this, it repairs cracked feet, prevents and gets rid of odour and sweat.

What Causes Cracked Feet?

Wearing open-heeled footwear, taking hot showers, using harsh soaps, dry and cold weather conditions cause cracked feet. On the other hand, wearing closed footwear and socks for a long time makes your feet sweat and smell. This is where our nourishing foot cream comes to your rescue. Use it twice a day, daily and keep your feet light and happy while making them smell refreshing.

How To Use: Wash your feet, clean. Take a small amount of nourishing foot cream. Gently massage it on dry feet. Apply it during the day for odour and sweat-free feet. Leave it applied overnight for skin repair.

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