Combo (Fresh Affair Odor Removal Spray + Linen Fresh Fabric Spray)

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Odor-free surroundings and fresh linen and fabrics in one’s space are what everyone desires to achieve. Don’t you? Well, if the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Because, Oh that! Natural’s new home care and wellness combo offers the best odor removal spray paired with the best fabric spray - Fresh Affair Advanced Odor Removal Spray And Linen Fresh Fabric Spray.

Fresh Affair Advanced Odor Removal Spray 

To help you get rid of bad odors ranging from pet peeves smells to smoke smells to shoe stinks to others, all you have to do is start using Fresh Affair Advanced Odor Removal Spray. Bonus - It does not layer smells but neutralizes and removes them in totality. Has your inquisitiveness ever made you wonder why a luxurious hotel room smells fresh, pleasant, clean and smoke-Free? The above-mentioned reasons are the answer to your question.

How To Use: Crafted by one of the biggest Spanish suppliers in odor neutralizers to global hotel chains, it is a must-have diffuser. Spray it 3-5 Times in the affected surrounding. Leave the area undisturbed for more than a couple of minutes and enjoy an odor-free environment.

Linen Fresh Fabric Spray For Aromatic Linen

Transporting you back to your childhood, Oh that! Natural Linen Fresh Fabric Spray works aptly to ensure refreshing, pleasant, aromatic linen and other fabrics. It is home to calming, soothing, and healing properties. Moreover, it can even destress you and put you to comfortable sleep. Its fragrance is subtle, and the aroma lingers around without being too strong or interfering with your sleep. Light, scented spray when drizzled on the linens, blends with the fragrances around and uplifts the aroma of the office or home. 

How To Use: Easy to use and enabled with microencapsulated technology, spray it 3-5 times on any piece of fabric or linen such as your bedsheets, pillow covers, cushions, curtains, sofas & more. Gently rub it once with your hand. Leave the area undisturbed for 5 minutes & enjoy a pleasant aroma that relaxes your mood.