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Oh that! Natural Wet Me Hydrating Face Gel for all locks in long-lasting moisture and hydration in your skin. Lightweight, quick to absorb and non-sticky, it softens and smoothens the skin. Enriched with natural and clean ingredients like water, glycerine, cucumber extract and olive oil, amongst other primary emollient ingredients, it freshens your skin in addition to providing an instant glow.

What Makes It The Perfect Natural Hydrating Face Gel?

Non-greasy and mild, it suits all skin types and works wonders to keep your delicate skin healthy and supple at all times. You may even want to use it as a base to apply makeup. Further, it unclogs the facial pores. Free of fatty ingredients, its watery nature prevents it from becoming extra moisturizing as other greasy creams. This makes it more effective - It spreads on the skin with ease. And, hence, a small amount is required. Additionally, it soothes irritated skin patches.

Supremely soothing and energizing, it keeps the skin feeling refreshed at all hours. Moreover, it is like that calming breath of fresh, cool air on the skin that practically feels like nothing but ends up uplifting your mood. Bonus - If you have super dehydrated skin, this water-based face gel can be your best bet. Further, it eliminates the signs of ageing like wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots, etc., alongside helping you get rid of bumpy texture. Counting on all the benefits it brings along, you can use it twice a day - Once in the morning post your bath, and secondly, in the night before you go to sleep. Apply it just like any other cream or gel.